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Enter values into the fields below to find out how much each monthly payment would be with the given number of payments, interest rate, and loan amount. Please note that the payment figures are for principal and interest only. Amounts contributed to escrow accounts each month for items such as property taxes, insurance, PMI/MIP and other items are not included.

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Use your "tab" key to go from one box to the next on the calculator. Do not enter the Percent Sign (%) for the Interest Rate. Just enter a number. For 7% enter 7, for 7.5% enter 7.5 etc.

You can compare up to three different loans at the same time using this Mortgage Calculator. Perhaps you want to compare a 30 year loan term with a 20 year term and a 15 year term. Just enter "360" for the # of Payments for the 30 year loan term, "240" for the 20 year term, and "180" for a 15 year term.

See our current Loan Programs for an idea of what type mortgages are available. For the latest in rates, terms, and programs, Contact Us and we will promptly respond to your request.

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